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Masters Program in Islamic Studies–EMI

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The Masters Program will offer advanced learning in Islamic Studies as well as offer more specialized degree Programs in which students can utilize their Islamic knowledge in conjunction with their other chosen field of studies.

Masters Program requirements for students transferring from another University:

  • Fill out equation form which will be evaluated by admissions committee and pay Equalization fee of $187.00 (only if you are transferring credits from another University)
  • Pay admissions fee of $208.00
  • Send copy of photo ID
  • Send official transcript/s and official course descriptions
  • Send copy of Bachelors Degree
  • Take admissions tests in Aqeedah, Arabic, Qur’anic Sciences, Sunnah Sciences and Fiqh ($1040.00) if you do not have a Bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies
  • Each Masters course is $405.00
  • Before you get your Master’s degree you must memorize 2 Juz’ of Qur’an $312.00
  • Pass 5 comprehensive exams Aqeedah, Qur’anic Sciences, Sunnah Sciences, Fiqh and Arabic $1040.00
  • Complete all Thesis Paper requirements $4900.00
  • Pay Transcript Fee $25.00
  • Pay Diploma Fee $187.00


Master Program in Islamic Studies: Number of Credits: 39 (30 Credit Hours Course Work and 9 Credit Hours Dissertation)


Passing grade: Minimum 80 (B-)


The total cost of the Masters Program is approximately $12,000.00: excludes Equalization fees, text books & Comprehensive Exams for transferring students.



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  1. Can students who don’t know Arabic study for master in islamic studies and learn Arabic in masters program

    • Assalamu ‘Alaikum,
      When you send us your transcript/s and your diplomas, we can assess what you will need to fulfill before you would be admitted into a program. Please send your documents to [email protected] so that I can examine and then respond appropriately.

      Jazaka Allah Khair
      Wa salaamu
      English Department

    • Assalaamu ‘Alaikum,

      Yes you can apply for the Masters Program in Islamic Studies and take Arabic courses that are taught in the Bachelors Program to help you learn the Arabic language.

      The new designed Arabic courses are very easy to follow and the Instructor is great!!!


  2. hello do you offer M,A I, IN ENGLISH ?

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