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Login Guidelines

This post is also available in: العربية (Arabic)

Student Log in guidelines

    1. Go to www.aou.edu
    2. Go to the very top of page and click on log in or click on student moodle
    3. Create your username & password for your University account, if you have not already done so.
    4. Now you will be directed to where you see the programs; click on the program you wish to enroll in and in which language you wish to study in.
    5. If you are a new student select admissions fee and send copy of your latest diploma, copy of transcript (official course descriptions may be required to be sent to the University as well), and copy of photo ID to eba@aou.edu  if you wish to study in the English Department or aba@aou.edu if you wish to study in the Arabic Department.
    6. Select courses you wish to enroll in by adding them to your shopping cart.
    7. When you are finished selecting your courses then click on “Check Out” and pay by using the Paypal option (if you don’t have a Paypal account then follow the Paypal instructions on how to set one up).


  • You will be automatically enrolled into your courses and are now able to see the syllabus, instructor’s name and contact information along with the course requirements. NOTE: if you want to save money & time please search for the textbooks online by copying from the syllabus the book title and author. If you ABSOLUTELY need any textbooks from the University make sure you include those textbooks fees in the shopping cart (you will click on “text book fee” for each text book needed for example if you need 3 textbooks then you will click on “textbook fee” to add to the shopping cart 3 separate times)


  1. IMMEDIATELY contact your instructor to introduce yourself and to set up your study sessions with your instructor based on a mutual agreeable schedule
  2. As a helpful reminder to your instructors, make sure you are in constant contact with your instructors throughout you courses! Please immediately contact your instructions when you have submitted your written exams, term papers and when you are ready to schedule your oral exams.
  3. View your grades under your “Profile” which is visible when you click on the picture icon by your name.


If Students are paying by check instead of Paypal, then contact your Department to enroll you into the courses you wish to enroll in.  NOTE you will not be admitted into the courses until your check has reached us and the check has cleared. THIS WILL CAUSE A DELAY FOR YOU TO START YOUR COURSE WORK.